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413 Engine Problems

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Joined: 24 Aug 2011
Posts: 5
Location: Gloucestershire

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 14:40    Post subject: 413 Engine Problems Reply with quote

Hi all! I bought myself a little SJ410 over a year ago now, with a 413 engine and gearbox in (the previous owner said...)
When we got him home, we found it was a bit of a cowboy job done to it. Bailing twine for a clutch cable, bell housing underneath was not there leaving a gap for crud to get in, rear wheels/brakes were sticking. The engine would only let us drive it to 40mph at the most back from where we purchased it from. Though at the time there was no smoke just lack of guts (we know these engines are only little but our old 410 1ltr defo had more guts than this) Soon enough we found that it was kicking out white smoke then blue smoke when it fancied as well as even more lack of power... the engine sounded ok from what we could tell. No sign of milkiness in the oil cap though?!
 We have asked many mechanics to fix it (and to be payed obv) but none will touch it..... I absolutely love my SJs and bought this one due to my old one having to be scrapped. Its been sat there for a year or so now waiting to be fixed and to be let down time and time again!!!!
 I am awful at forums (not computer literate), though I have searched for some topics, I just dont know where to start.
We have charged the battery and connected back up only to find that he now wont start at all. We filled him back up with fuel, and the fuel filter (which is clear on mine, dont know if thats standard) doesnt seem to have any fuel going through. We thought about changing the fuel filter though I assume it would be a good idea to check all fuel lines for blockages etc? We work on cars but not 4x4s so its different territory for us here!
 We are hoping it could be a fiddly little problem though could be more costly, in which case we would plan to drop a diesel engine in. I have lost heart in SJs big time and feel gutted about it! Its just seemed to have gone from bad to worse, turning out a total waste of money so far.....
The previous owner had fitted an aftermarket K&N filter, but when fabricating their own pipe for it, hadnt cleaned out the left over plastic shavings - and we also found an oily black deposit inside the pipe????
So our questions are - has anyone had the same or similar problem with their 413 engine? Would it just be better and more cost effective to drop a different engine and gearbox in? I have read up on 413 engines and they dont seem to be very good in peoples opinions?
I am very close to scrapping which is a shame because it is solid apart from some rust bubbles here and there. Its been sat on my drive collecting moss for too long and unfortunately I am at my wits end about it  Crying or Very sad

Any ideas or opinions we would really appreciate!

Many thanks, Tracy  Smile
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 14:40    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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Joined: 11 Jan 2011
Posts: 180
Location: Eastbourne

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds like the engine is FUBAR due to lack of maintainance/bodged/ragged to death but alas I don't know much about 413 engines to know for sure. In any case, if the body/chassis is good then bin the current engine and fit either diesel or 1.6 Vitara engine. I hate to be the one to say it but it sounds like someones done a number on you there and hope it doesn't cost a fortune to sort out.  Sad
Driving a 99' Vitara JX 4U2...
Now in black
2" body lift & 2" suspension lift
31" MT tyres
Matching trailer being built from a 5 door Vit, watch this space!
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